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Author:glovedadCreated:5/23/2007 9:49 AM
Shawn Hollenback...earned a highly esteemed Bubba for making two outs in the same inning. Not bad for a lead-off hitter. Thanks buddy. It brought a smile to all your teammates faces. Not your fault. There have been several narrow escapes this year. Hmmm? Wonder if it could happen to you more than once? The CSI Bubba to Dean Thompson, for his investigative work with the infamous "Poodle-Boy posting. In an intense dugout interrogation, Dean was able to trip Jeff up and have him disclose his (Jeff's) involvement in the poodle-posting. Busted!!! Case Closed. James and Jeff, How could we be surprised by that? To Tracy, who turned many double plays this weekend, but did not turn one that was he forgot one little how many outs there were. We will blame that one on Mike Fuchs. Mostly because we don't ever have anything to blame Mike for.

The  Roger Wilhite Strikout Bubba, goes to....James. The Big Chief went down swinging. It was Sunday morning..could it have been from a little too much fire-water the night before?? Could it have been from the stiff neck that Shawn gave him in their wrestling match on Saturday?? Or could it have been the residual effects from the web of deceit that James has had to spin ever since his infamous "Shawn and Muffin the Poodle,"  posting?? Who knows? All we know is that in the undefeated game, vs Boomers, on Sunday morning, in the 3rd inning, with runners on second and third...James had a Roger Wilhite moment at the plate.  That's  right...James had to take the long walk back to the dugout with his unused bat in his hands. In the dugout after the strikeout, James was uncharacteristically speechless. James may try to defend himself by saying he didn't actually go down swinging, but I looked at Shawn, (who also had a stiff neck) but who is totally neutral and completely unbiased, and Shawn gave the "K" sign.  Atta boy...

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