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 Oh Yeah!! Chris "I'll never wear Pink" Jones, smooches the pooch by striking out in the first league game of 2010... Do-Right has not yet been able to don the  pink poodle blouse. Poodle Smooching can take a vain man down... C'mon Chris, face your demons.

Mike "Sunshine" Fuchs, makes 2 outs in one inning in the Sunday morning game of the MSA Tourney. Sunshine has long since come to grips with his vanity, and had no trouble putting on the pink. Atta boy Michael.

Tracy "Tofu" Elam, earned a Bubba for getting picked off as he lolly-gagged back to 1st base after hitting a single. He's been eating too much undercooked meat. Needs more tofu and vegi-burgers.  

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The I-90, One-Day, Round-Trip, Back-To-Back Weekends, Bubba...goes to Mike Fuchs:  Mike gets this Bubba for driving to and from State Tournaments in Anaconda, on Saturday, on back to back weekends.  Two weekends ago, Mike drove to Anaconda, on Saturday morning, for the +35 State tourney. He played 3 games, won 1, lost 2, on field 3, and drove home to Missoula Saturday evening. Last weekend, (sing along, you know the words) Mike drove to the State C tourney, in Anaconda, on Saturday morning, played 3 games, won 1, lost 2, on field 3, and drove home to Missoula on Saturday evening.  Mike is going to the State +40 tournament in Great Falls with us, on August 25-26. God Bless Great Falls, as they never send anyone home on Saturday. In fact, in Great Falls, you have to win a game, in order to get out of the tournament. 

The  "As The World Turns," "Days of Our Lives," Coin-Flip-Soap Opera, Bubba...goes to James:   Unbelievable!!?? It does not matter that James did not win the first coin toss, or even that we were not home team any of the 3 games we played. That will never matter. Once James gets his bubble back between the lines, the coin flips will start coming our way. What matters..... is that for the coin toss at the start of our 2nd game.....James was MIA, man overboard and lost at sea again,  He was nowhere to be found?? Of course we lost that coin toss and the subsequent toss for the 3rd game. The Softball Gods take a no-show very personally. It is one level worse than being there, winning the coin toss, and choosing to bat first. They don't like that either, but at least you were there to honor their presence. Who knows how long the Softball Gods will consequence us? We may not win another flip till halfway through the 2008 softball season..There is a lot riding  on James' off-season behaviors.  Jeff has requested to step in and take over the coin toss honors...if only Jeff would have been there on time for that 1st game.......which leads us to our next Bubba


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James gets a Bubba for falling down and bonking his head on the way to the coin flip. He musta bonked it good cause he was displaying all the classic signs of profound confusion. James normally enters the coin flip arena with a humble, mischievous, yet good natured confidence that the Softball Gods can appreciate and take under their wings.  Holy Cow, not this weekend. Poor old  Sailor James fell overboard the Good Ship Geritol and suddenly remembered he could not swim. We played 7 games in this tournament and James was 2-5. That in itsself is not the issue. You win some and you lose some. The issue is that James was flip-flopping around like a fortune teller with a broken crystal ball.  All of a sudden he was mumbling something about calling heads when he knew he should have called tails and then the next game he went out and called heads again even though he knew it was going to be tails and it was tails and he didn't know why he called heads and maybe next time he should call heads again because I mean it just...

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This is the Bubba formerly known as the "Shawn Hollenbeck, two outs in one inning" Bubba. The Board has unanimously voted to rename this Bubba to now be known as the "Shawn Hollenbeck, kiss your poodle on the lips twice in one inning," Bubba". The Board felt this new name, more accurately captured the spirit and the poodle-like essence of the softball player for whom this Bubba is named. Okay..with that said..We honor this week's Bubba winners:

He's baaack.  He did it againnn...for the second time this year, Shawn Hollenbeck has kissed his poodle on the lips twice in one inning........ Yahoo!! Poodle-Boy rides again. Shawn is in first place by a whole bunch for this Bubba..and I cannot tell a lie,  James and Jeff told me they are pulling for Shawn to do it again.

There was some mighty fine softball played this past weekend. There was also a little bit of Bubba Ball played. We would like to honor three of our teammates for their Bubba moments during the tournament. They are:

Mike Fuchs...Mike earned the "Shawn Hollenback, two outs in one inning, Bubba".  Dean Thompson gets an assist. Nice job Deano. Mike earned this Bubba in the second game on Saturday, playing against the City Bar team out of Great Falls.   The details of the Bubba are as follows: In the first inning of this game, Mike, batting in the #2 spot,  made the first out. Nine of our next 10 hitters got on base and Mike came up again in the 1st, with two outs. Dean Thompson, who earned notoriety earlier in the year when he cracked the case of the infamous Shawn and Muffin the Poodle posting, by left-field and Jeff.  Dean is also the head coach of the Libby Loggers girls fastpitch team and is trained to be on his toes in the dugout. As Mike was getting ready for his second at bat of the inning, Dean innocently...

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The  Roger Wilhite Strikout Bubba, goes to....James. The Big Chief went down swinging. It was Sunday morning..could it have been from a little too much fire-water the night before?? Could it have been from the stiff neck that Shawn gave him in their wrestling match on Saturday?? Or could it have been the residual effects from the web of deceit that James has had to spin ever since his infamous "Shawn and Muffin the Poodle,"  posting?? Who knows? All we know is that in the undefeated game, vs Boomers, on Sunday morning, in the 3rd inning, with runners on second and third...James had a Roger Wilhite moment at the plate.  That's  right...James had to take the long walk back to the dugout with his unused bat in his hands. In the dugout after the strikeout, James was uncharacteristically speechless. James may try to defend himself by saying he didn't actually go down swinging, but I looked at Shawn, (who also had a stiff neck) but who is totally neutral and completely unbiased, and Shawn gave the "K" sign.  Atta boy...

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Shawn Hollenback earned the esteemed and highly sought after "Making two outs in one inning Bubba." Not bad for a lead-off hitter. Great job Shawn, it brought a smile to ALL your teammates faces. There have been several narrow escapes this season. Hmmm? Wonder if Shawn could ever win this Bubba twice in the same season?

The CSI Bubba goes to Dean Thompson for his crack investigative  work on the infamous "Poodle-Boy" posting.  Dean's ability to take advantage of the  comfort of the dugout setting to catch Jeff off guard by posing a seemingly innocent question, busted this case wide open. Before Jeff realized what he had said, he had said too much. Down goes James, Down goes Jeff.  Busted... Book 'em Deano, I mean Dano...Case closed...Hi-Ho Silver Away. Great job Dean. We sleep more soundly at night knowing justice has been served.

A Geritol Moment Bubba goes to Tracy. Tracy turned many sweet double plays this weekend. It was fun to watch. He did however miss out on one tailor-made  double play vs....

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