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  Hunstmans World Senior Games and other Senior Tournaments
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Hunstmans World Senior Games and other Senior Tournaments - 5/14/2008

Wenatchee 2008
gold medal St George 08
Second Wind Game St. George 2008
+60 Gold Medal, National Senior Games, San Francisco, 2009
+60 Gold Medal,August 2009
Glovedad meets the Big Glove in the sky.
+60 Gold Medal, Yeagers Sporting Goods, Bellingham Wa.
Big Bridge....
The best seats money can buy..
Me and Larry Bird...I promise
A fine hit to right field
The Miken Bat Truck in St. George
Miken gloves and bats by the truckload..St. George 2009
A Team Geritol score in St. George
Incredible softball complex St. George Utah
Hit the cut-off man on the 1st bounce
60 degrees warmer than Missoula
Silver Medal +60 AAA Division World Senio Games 2009
Silver Medal World Games, St. George 2009
engraved silver medal 09.jpg
Uniform patches from 2009 National Senior Games
Yeagers 2009 National Senior Games Championship ring
nsga ring.jpg
2009 National Senior Games Ring and old gloves
2009 NSGA ring and vintage salesman's sample baseball
Wenatchee May 2010 +60 2nd place
Beautiful Wenatchee WA. fields
Missoula Teammate on Yeager's +60
World Senior Games 2010
The 8 field "Canyon Complex" @ St. George
St. George Utah 2010
Canyons Complex
St. George October 2010
St. George
ground view of a level field
St. George
outfield view
St. George
Canyons Complex
scorekeepers hut
outfield warning track
warning track
walkway underpass to parking lot
Regional Athletic Complex Lacey Washington
Western Senior Regionals July 2010
Sweet artificial turf infield
Great dugouts at the "RAC" Regional Athletic Complex
"RAC" Lacey WA. July 2010
Western Regionals Lacey WA.
Yeagers Team St. George 2010 Gold Medal in Major Division
Lacey Washington, The "RAC"
Gold Medal Major Division St. George 2010
Engraved medal, A happy boy.
Hartland Mickey Mantle and softball rings
Senior Softball rings
2011 Gold Medal +60 Major Division with Yeagers
Yeager's Team Photo
This is an amazing event!!