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  Team Geritol 2009
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Team Geritol 2009 - 10/13/2009

nsga ring
Where The Pink Things Are..A true story
Where's Waldo?? There's Waldo..
Orange shoes in St. George
No Mom..Just because I wear a lot of pink does not mean..
It's a good day for softball
Which tournament was this?
Farm Team prospect
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside
Proud Dad..and taller too
ELBOW ROOM CHAMPS 2009..That was fun..
Like a Flamingo
A real softball cutie
I'm in Baseball Heaven
Two lads destined to grow up and wear pink
What are you complaining about now/
+60 Gold Medal National Summer Games San Francisco 2009
Gold Medal National Senior Games San Francisco 2009
Did someone forget to take his medication this morning??
Atta boy Jon..having fun
Thanks for helping us out Jamie..
State Tourney, Helena 2009
Silver Medal +60 AAA Division World Senior Games
Team Geritol St Regis 2009
State "B" Helena 2009
2009 National Championship ring
Uniform patches from National Senior Games
Yeagers 2009 Ring.
Old ball, old glove, old guy, nice new ring.
2009 NSGA ring
Yeagers, Bellingham WA. Fun team.