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  Team Geritol 2010
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Team Geritol 2010 - 4/19/2010

2010 league schedule.jpg
MSA Tournament...Team Photo
Team Photo..1st Tourney of the 2010 Season..MSA..
The Softball Gods have spoken!!
Sisters of the Blues Brothers
Show Poodles gone to seed
What would the guys at the gym say?
2nd place St. Regis
Zilla the yella
St. Regis
Banana Dancers
No girls Lance's age..
Yogi and Boo-Boo
Oh Yeah!!! Purty in Pink.
A family outing.
I am a proud Dad
Da' Pink Hamma'
Double-Dating in Butte
2nd place, State +40
Big Trophy...
Butte +40 rowdies
2nd Place Reds Tourney 2010
Da Pink Pantha" a kat
James and the proud Mrs.
"Hands" Thompson goes pink State 2010
"Got physical therapy?"
Stately Pink for the Govna'
Yikes! A Pink Loan Shark!!
State 2010 Kalispell