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  2011 Team Geritol
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2011 Team Geritol - 4/7/2011

2011 league schedule
"C" Champs 2011 C'Mon Blue Tourney
Snookie Stokes..a man of his word.
Basecoaching bruise day 1
Basecoaching bruise day 2
Base coaching bruise day 5
Miss Shelby MT. 2011
Man!! I feel like a woman!!
MSA 2011
Looking good in Pink
Pretty in PINK!!
Don't bet against Mike Perry - He cheats
All by myself
Jean shorts look good!
Not your fault David
The decline of civilization
The Blue Streak
St. Regis, 2nd Place
What time is it David?
Elbow Room
David's Church clothes
Team Geritol's 1st year @ St. Regis
St George 2011